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06/28/14 08:21 PM #21    

John F. Genovese

Through the eyes of their souls,meet the eyes of our hearts.That we may never forget what they have sacrificed for US. God bless them for eternity

11/23/14 10:15 PM #22    

Norm Carter

To all PVRHS  classmates, I want to say this.  Due to my wandering ways, I subscribe to 3 different high school sites. is the best and most active of them all  Every visit brings back great memories.  Thanks to Clay, Joan, and everyone who contributes.

Norm Carter 

06/03/15 12:42 AM #23    

Randy Villa


Greetings from California,

I would love to attend in Sept and still teaching.  I don't fly, so if you ever plan a reunion in the summer June through mid-August, I will plan to attend.  Have fun in September!

Randy Villa

06/03/15 07:18 AM #24    

Michael Rosen

Hi Randy

I am sorry to hear that you will not be able to make it to the reunion ... I would have loved to have seen you! I am looking forward to going this year to the 50th.

Michael Rosen

06/03/15 06:07 PM #25    

Pamela Altman (Brown)

u guys r the best.

.we will miss u randy






11/04/15 09:29 AM #26    

Jacqueline Ann Marie Boyes (Keller)

Sorry i couldn't make the reunion, timing was just off. Thanks for all the great pictures.   I was trying to figure out who was who.  Everyone looked great and looked like everyone was having a good time.  jackie Keller (Boyes)

11/13/15 02:44 PM #27    

Dick Berkefeld

Dick Berkfeld here,

Does anyone know who played the Indian in the 50th Reunion video?

11/13/15 03:24 PM #28    

John F. Genovese

angry Dickie ,you've got to be kidding.It's me .Who else is short , dark, and handsom that could play an indian and ride a black and white paint horse in a football game.By the way my friend,your video not only made me cry, but now I'm home sick.Take care my friend.yes

11/13/15 10:44 PM #29    

Maria Grassi (Coppola)


YOU are so fun-loving!  Yes, so cute at the reunion especially with my Beautiful Diane!  You make everyone smile! You must be Italiano...

You are a gem!



11/14/15 06:30 AM #30    

John F. Genovese

Thank you so much for the kindness and caring ,the fun and enjoyment at the reunion girl.Ya know,I so wish that I could turn back the hands of time and be more of a friend to the people like you,Diane and others in our class way back when but shy I was.(Past tense).Now, I see in my YOUNGER YEARS that having fun with my classmates  is a whole lot better.I really miss all of youz guys more than you can imagine.Diane is very special to me and always will be.Italiano,YOU BET BIJESUS.How's your foot?Mine is OK but I keep putting it in my mouth! I MISS YOU ALL !!!!!You are very special. LOVE, JOHNNY G  kiss




11/14/15 08:21 AM #31    

Dick Berkefeld

Hey John,

I could never remember that the Indian was you!  Riding on a horse...who knew?  I'm glad you liked the video.  I really enjoyed putting it together.

Thanks for the great comments


11/14/15 12:05 PM #32    

Carole O'Brien

The Pascack Valley Indian was Karl Meyer.

11/14/15 12:33 PM #33    

Philip Thompson

yeah, i remember karl meyer, always was good at gymnastics even in grade school. wonder what he's doin now? phil thompson

11/14/15 05:59 PM #34    

Dick Berkefeld

I didn't mean to start a war!  John said it was him and Carole and Phil said it was Karl Meyer.  I demand Proof!!  Who is in this picture attached?

11/14/15 06:31 PM #35    

John F. Genovese

yep,this picture sure is Karl.I never had glasses.Don't remember what game I was the indian on Mary Gruber's horse.Oh well.Now I have glasses to see the indian with glasses.GO FIGURE.Is Karl still around?Wanna have a pow wow.See ya  my friends.

11/14/15 08:09 PM #36    

Dick Berkefeld

The mystery is answered!  Thanks John.  Do you have a picture when you were the Indian?  I would love to include it. 

Thanks John


11/15/15 05:51 PM #37    

John F. Genovese

No Dichie,I wish I did .Can't even find yearbook. It's been gone for years.But ,It was a blast being the indian on a horse and the story of how I was roped into it is allllll true.Balcom, ya got me.Take care my friend.

11/16/15 09:09 AM #38    

Judy Snyder (Larson)

oh that is so karl! what a great mascot we have!! go indians!


11/16/15 01:23 PM #39    

Dick Berkefeld

Hey John,

I would love to have seen your big fat ... on that horse.  If anybody has that picture, please send John or me  a copy.


11/16/15 04:45 PM #40    

John F. Genovese

Hey Dick.whats the 3 dots mean?Love ya bro.By the way,I was about 30 lbs under YOUR weight so now who's your MAMA?cheeky

11/17/15 04:09 AM #41    

Dick Berkefeld

The 3 dots mean glutiousmaximus.  Love ya too.


11/17/15 07:30 PM #42    

John F. Genovese


11/10/17 06:22 PM #43    

Greg Wood

For those of you who did not see Sonny Woolley's post yesterday on FaceBook, he indicated that last week he had a small stroke that put him in the hospital and rehab for a couple of days. I believe he is well enough to be going home today.

He lives in the Lake George area of upstate NY. I went back and visited him a year ago July during a photograph exhibit he was having in a local gallery. He has a website for his business:


I am sure he would love to hear from some of the Class of '65 if you get a chance.





11/11/17 11:48 AM #44    


Regina (Gina) Roth (Susek)

I am sorry to hear that he experienced that. Hopefully he will he will make a full recovery from this set back.  Tell him that I will light a candle for him when Joe and I go to Mass tonight. Miracles from praying like you cannot believe. Even for the animals at the shelter where our daughter volunteers. You are a good friend  to be there for him and to keep us informed.  I never knew Vince in school, I  just remember a really good looking, quiet guy. Please give him my best wishes  for the future  and many more picture taking excursions. 

11/11/17 01:54 PM #45    

Robert Frank Cosmai

Greg,  thank you for sending us the post on Sonny.   Like Gina said I will also be praying for his speedy recovery.  I ran track and played football with him during our senior year.  He is a great guy and an amazing competitor.  I am sure he will be back on his feet very soon.  All the best,  Bob Cosmai

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