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Kathy Marigliani (Zimmerman)




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04/20/17 08:42 PM #1    

Virginia (Ginni) McCullough (Fish)


Kathy Marigliani (a.k.a., "Margie" with a hard 'g') Zimmerman, I am so sorry that you have left our physical world so soon.  Though our contacts after high school were sporadic, at best, we were such good (and goofy) friends from the time that we met in the first days of freshman year.   We shared many classes together, always making jokes, passing notes, chewing gum, and doing things that teenagers do.  I was a shy introvert and she was outgoing and confident; we were sort of like yin and yang, together, and it worked.  She had such a quick mind, could think fast on her feet and had tremendous wit.  I admired all of those characteristics, and more, because I had none of those abilities.  Unfortunately, my family moved in February of our senior year and I had to change schools; Kathy and I lost touch.  Those were innocent and silly days and I think of them often.  I shall always remember her bright star and feel a lot of sadness to know that she is no longer in our midst.  Bon Voyage, Kathy!



04/21/17 03:48 PM #2    

Philip Thompson

ditto to the way ginni discribed kathy, i recall the good times we had in kaminski's english class.kathy was terrific at insulting people without any anger involved. much like me and my friends, we were more interested in cutting up than in learning anything. rip kathy we'll miss you.

04/21/17 07:12 PM #3    

Pat Reyngoudt (Delperdange)

So sad to hear about Kathy.  I remember what a good friend she was to everyone, she had a beautiful smile.  We reconcected after high school for a while, she always made my laugh.  I'm sure that she will be missed by everyone she knew. I will miss her.

04/21/17 11:13 PM #4    

Maria Grassi (Coppola)

I remember Kathy Freshman year.  She and Mimi were such good friends... they had a disagreement ... of course I had to involve myself...  After many telephone calls we All agreed to AGREE...It Was easy ...we were all so young and positive and of course "so cute"... I will always Love you Kathy for your good humor and easy way to call you my friend... God Bless You Always❤







04/22/17 11:52 AM #5    

Nick Ciccarello (Nicholas Ciccarello)

I knew Kathy from elementary school in Montvale.  My memory of her was that she was full of fun, non stop talker, sort of like me, and somewhat of a Tom-boy.  She had a great laugh. It is comforting to know that she was liked by friends she made in high school and loved by her family.


04/22/17 01:25 PM #6    

Clay Hatten

Farewell to a wonderful human being.  

So much fun in life and happy memories.  

I too will miss you Kathy a.k.a. "Artie"


04/22/17 02:44 PM #7    

Regina (Gina) Roth (Susek)

I was hesitant to post a condolence, but then I read all of the others and felt that I would have regrets if I didn't. I never had a class with Kathy or even spoke with her. I went to Catholic Grammar school and never even had homeroom or gym with her either. HOWEVER, I can not say enough about what a jubilant spirit that she was in HS. Always smiling, talking, (yes, chewing gum), and moving at lightening speed on to the next destination. If she had a bad day, she never showed it on her face or by her attitude.   Always vibrant, but never loud and obnoxious. I lived on the oppisite side of the spectrum (quiet and  always planning for my future). What a joy it must have been for her friends just to have her in their lives and a sadness upon losing her. Can any of us say that we were as positive as she seemed during our time together? I would say a resounding :"NO". God Bless and godspeed to a bright star which has dimmed.  

06/02/17 03:05 PM #8    

Priscilla Whitley

Kathy and Sue Jefferies were my first friends when I moved to Montvale in the middle of fifth grade. We formed a club of just us three and from then on, until our last conversations, referred to each other with our club non de plumes. I have, on my answering machine, a message from Kathy, from this past April, singing our club song in her familiar Jersey voice I'd know anywhere. How lucky I was to have two of best natured people become my dear friends forever. Kathy... wickedly funny, big heart, ready for any adventure, lover of animals, loyal friend....they just don't come around possesing all of that very often. xoxo 

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