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Carl Lester Dodson

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09/17/09 10:47 PM #1    

Patricia Ann Lally (Buschow)

Carl died at 54. He passed on February 10,2002.

Submitted by Pat and Brad Buschow

09/19/09 10:37 PM #2    

Carla Belsky (Aiston)

Carl Lester Dodson,
My very first boyfriend and our first date was in the sandbox in 1st grade at George G. White School 1951. It was recess, we were having such a good time and conversation; we just decided to ignore the bell and just stay for the duration of the day. Quite to our surprise, Mrs. Hall shows up , quite upset that we were not there for our unknown"Head-count." She was not angry at all just relieved we were found. Ever since then we were known as "Carla & Carl", Sitting in a tree.....Do you remember the verse?
We were both born October, 29th 1947
He had a brother Ronnie,
I had a sister Ronny
He lived in the Tandy & Allen Development
I lived in the Tandy & Allen Development
All through out grammar school we always celebrated Birthday's
together. We played every game imaginable short of Dr.?
Everything was happy in my life all the kids from the neighborhood would get together and play:
Peter Brown, Matt Ciacio, Ronnie Brockett, Buff Mackenzie, Randy Rodgers, Mike Dayhood, Brad Bushow, Jay Mellon,
Nickki Lawrence and Bob Wood. Wow! I never had so many boyfriends. It was a Good Time, it was The Best of Times, it was a Time of Innocence..... but it was a time I remember so well.
Then we got to 6th grade and all that changed. Carl decided he didn't like girls anymore and our romance ended abruptly. I lost contact with Carl all through High school. If my memory serves me;
I think Kathy Osbon caught Carl's fancy and that was the end of a long era for Carl & Carla.
He went into the Volks Wagon repair business and got married.
Not that many years later I heard Carl was in a horrific car accident. He lost all short term memory and was in Bergen Pines hospital for many years. That's when his long term memory came back and of course his very vivid memories of ME.
I helped do patterning for him for a very long time. That's when the volunteers became few and far between. I remember patterning him all alone. He would need to be hoisted up by his ankles and held in that position for way too long according to him and he would scream and turn very "RED" for me to let him down. (Just like he did when George Heidenreich lifted him off the ground by the collar of his shirt) It was hard on the both of us to do all that patterning alone with no help but his poor parents needed a rest. I will never regret a moment of my time with him that year or in the sandbox. He later had a relapse and all the exercising no longer worked. He ended up in a nursing home way up in the Catskills.
Little did I know he was just down the road from me in Liberty, NY. for about 2 years. I was 2 years too late. According to his younger brother Chris, he was moved up here in 2000; the same year I relocated up here. When I found out he was in the next town to me ,he was gone...... I think of him often and miss him terribly. He was my first LOVE, even if it was a "Sandbox Affair." I will always Love my Carl..... You're in a Better Place now with no pain.
I will Always Be Your, Carla and your Friend

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